Trados Live issues- letter deleted on its own for no reason after some time and a typo that I've deleted appears after some time

When I finish one segment and move to the next segment, a typo appears or a letter in the previous segment disappears for no reason. I think there's a bug when saving or uploading the changes. It's severe especially when I make changes in a segment that is finished and confirmed. This phenomenon happens even after five or six segment are done. So, I have to go through all sentences one by one to make sure there is no typo or missing letters after I finish my document. Even if I carefully check the previous segments that I've done while working on the current segment, there is still a typo or missing word in the document at the end, and I found an abrupt change is made in the previous segments while I work on other segments. It's extremely time-consuming and stressful. Anyone who has the same problem as me and any help?

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