can't login to the Language Cloud while using the link from the system email received

I have received a system email from the SDL Language Cloud (from: noreply at saying "Files for the following language pairs are now available for download for project" which is followed with the project's name. This is probably because I clicked "Download translated file" (which did not work straight away - see another post) in the SDL Online Editor.

The message contains a link. When I click it I'm redirected to the normal "SDL ID" login window as below.

The successful login and the user confirmation does not redirect me to a download window, as I expected but to the error message as shown below:

Filling the form and the login attempts fails, however.

The validity date in the message is as follows "Due 15 Jan 2021 17:00 GMT" so it is not overdue.

What could be the reason?

Please note that I have another problems with the files in this project - check this post (and mentioned above), and with this account - check this - which could be related, I believe.