Will uploading SDLTB files to SDL Trados Live be possible in the future?

As I‘m doing some testing on an iPad Pro iOS 14 using SDL Trados Live, I am wondering why it is not (yet) possible to simply upload SDLTB files. That would make live much easier, as to my knowledge there is no sdltb-to-xml converter for iOS.

Looking forward to your replies.


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  • Part of the reason is that for now you only have the possibility to import a termbase into an existing cloud-based termbase.  The available formats are these:

    It does make absolute sense of course to be able to import an sdltb, providing the termbase definition is the same.  So much like when you use the Glossary Converter or MultiTerm Convert you would still need to map fields before this could be completed successfully.

    But it also makes complete sense to be able to simply load an sdltb as a new termbase and then the definition will actually be irrelevant.  This, I imagine, is where you are coming from?  I suggest you log this in the ideas site - http://ideas.sdl.com - it'll get my vote too :-)

  • Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I‘ll log this in the Ideas site, as you suggested.

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