Multiterm 2021 crashes when trying to reorganise termbase open in Studio 2021

Hello community, 

After adding a new in my tiny Termbase (6 Items) in Studio 2021, Studio suddenly did not recognise some terms anymore. 

As I know from past experiences, "reorganising" my 6 item termbase in Multiterm should help to solve this issue. Am I right? 

So I opened the termbase in Multiterm 2021. When I hit "reorganise" in the administration section, Multiterm crashed without any warning. Probably because a no access to file - error or something like that. This can be solved in a more elegant way. For example by throwing an exception with an error message to the user, saying the termbase should be closed in other applications, so the user can continue using multiterm. Also, one could lose value work this way and it just looks not good. 

Thanks a lot! 


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  • Can you make sure you have these versions installed?

    SDL Trados Studio 2021 -
    SDL MultiTerm 2021 -

    Studio/MultiTerm can be quite cranky if you don't ensure you update…