Trados 2021 remains "on top" when working with other applications in Windows 10

I generally work with other applications displayed in windows (which is the whole point of "Windows" of course), but Studio 2021 seems to claim priority when I try to switch to other windows, even when I'm required to answer a question in the other window before I can continue working. It's also generally difficult to minimize Trados 2021 completely or half-way to work with other windowed applications (like Google for a search or to use a glossary ). I don't remember having such problems before the upgrade.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello  ,

    Its not clear exactly what  is happening here.

    Could you perhaps provide  a couple of screenshots or even a short video to show what you see?

    This is a great little free tool that you can use to provide short screen videos

  • You are familar with the concept of resizing and moving (Dragging and Dropping) application windows in Windows 10, right?:

    How do you drag a window?
    To do this, click and hold the left mouse button on the title bar of the window. Then, drag it to a location of your choice. The following example shows how this is accomplished. To move the window, first click and hold the left mouse button down at the top.
    I can't do that with Trados 2021, which makes multitasking virtually impossible.
    Please try to replicate the problen like this (a simple screen-sharing exercise):
    Open Word and reduce the Word application to half size and position it on the top half of the screen. Now reduce Studio 2021 to half size and position it on the bottom half of the screen (so you can work with both applications at once) Now follow the above instructions for dragging a wiindow to a different part of the screen (normally you can do this without any application in Windows 10). It worked fine before the upgrade.
    but please see if you can drag and drop Studio 2021 with the split screen as I described above.
  • Hello

    You are familar with the concept of resizing and moving (Dragging and Dropping) application windows in Windows 10, right?:


    After opening Studio- (I am also using Windows 10) I simply drag the application to the side of the screen and 'dock' it.

    When the required window is in place- you will see a small change in the screen - and now you should be able to open the second application and enlarge/minimise as required-

  • Hi Steven,

    I've made some progress now. Whenever the maximize button is displayed on the upper right I can drag and resize the window perfectly, although sometimes I have to click the Maximize button to make the screen draggable and resizable again. Whenever the maximze button is replaced by the "restore" button and/or the "ribbon options button" (I tried to attach a screenshot here but I just know how to attach files by browsing to them on my harddrive, not by using a "link")  I can neither drag nor resize the Studio window. When I first open Studio I can't resize it because the cursor doesn't change to an arrow at the edges of the window and I can't drag the window anywhere either. But if the maximize button is displayed, then when I click on it (even though the window already occupies the entire screen) I'm suddenly able to resize and drag the window. I don't know why the maximize button disappears (it never does in Word) opr why the menu bar is automatically minimized but it would be nice to display both all the time. Also I don't see any reason for deactivating the dragging and resizing option in any mode.