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Studio 2021 remains on topp when working with other applications in Windows 10 (sorry about the repetition)

I generally work with other applications displayed in windows (which is the whole point of "Windows" of course), but Studio 2021 seems to claim priority when I try to switch to other windows, even when I'm required to answer a question in the other window before I can continue working. It's also generally difficult to minimize Trados 2021 completely or half-way to work with other windowed applications (like Google for a search or to use a glossary ). I don't remember having such problems before the upgrade.

A very similar problem is that I can't move the Studio 2021 by "grabbing and dragging" the top part of the window. For example, if I have Word open in one view to see a referencee document with Studio open in another window below it, I can't adjust the position of the Studio window if it's overlapping with the window above it)

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. Sorry for the repetition, I couldn't find a way to edit my question, snice the edit button is just for replies.qu