Have to sign in with SDL ID every time I open SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance

Every time I close SDL Trados Studio 2019, I am also signed out of Language Could (SDL ID and password). I have to sign in again with both userid and password. Previously, this information was stored, and I didn't have to do this, I was automatically signed in with my SDL ID and password when I opened the program. It is irritating having to retrieve the password again every time. Is there any way of saving the SDL ID and password?

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  • Hello ,

    Studio does not save your passwords.

    These are saved in your Browser e.g. (Chrome/Firefox)- but then encrypted and stored in a safe folder.

    From this example you can see my Language Cloud and Account passwords are all stored in Chrome***.

    An exception to this, will be possibly if you are using Edge or IE (which I personally wouldn't be recommending) and then the passwords are stored in the Windows Credentials Manager

    If you have cleared your cache and cookies and are still experiencing issues, then it is likely there is a conflict between the default browser programmed in Windows 10 (this is not the same as the default browser you choose to run when you use the web.

    By conflict I mean that the login details are stored both in the WCM and the browser possibly.

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