API access to Language Cloud no longer working

The API has worked for me for several years but just stopped a few days ago.

I tried this example at https://languagecloud.sdl.com/lc/t/72925/api-documentation:

curl -X POST -H "Content-type: application/json" -H "Authorization: LC apiKey=<YOUR API KEY>" -d '{"text":"Hello%20Developers", "from":"eng", "to":"fra"}' https://lc-api.sdl.com/translate

Of course I replaced <YOUR API KEY> with my API key.

The result was:

{"message":"LanguagePair with eng->fra not found","errorCode":"VALIDATION_EXCEPTION","details":[{"name":"LanguagePair","code":"not.found","value":"eng->fra"}]}

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  • Hello ,

    Just following up on this, as support have now responded (and to help others that may come across this thread).

    The API access code to Language Cloud you use is related to the Statistical Machine Translation, service which has been decommissioned. The fact that you can access it via Studio, is due to the fact that you use the Neural Machine Translation engines. Access via API code has not yet been implemented for NMT services, and at this point, we do not have a specific time-line for implementing this functionality.


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