Machine Translation not included in the plan?

Dear Experts,

I've been using Trados 2015 for quite some time now, but I don't translate as much as I used to. Consequently, I may not be up to speed with all the new features and changes but from what I've read I gather that there is still a 500,000 character pack of Machine Translation included in the free subscription. In order to migrate from an older plan and gain access to NMT, I wanted to recreate the steps described e.g. here: . It's not exactly the same issue but switching to the newer plan has been mentioned multiple times on this forum.

In the last step of the manual, the free plan has a Machine Translation section included, as highlighted below:

When I log in to my Language Cloud account and go to Subscription, there is no Machine Translation section:

Therefore, when I want to switch, it looks as if I was about to lose that feature - it's only shown on the right, but not on the left:

Can you please advise if this is normal? Should I stick with the old subscription to be able to continue using MT?

Any help or clarification will be much appreciated.


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