How to share my LC NMT quata under my SDL ID account with other users?

Hi everyone,

When using SDL Machine Translation Cloud app in Trados Studio 2019, my understanding is I could share my NMT quota with other individuals who havnt official licenses. This senario is for enterprise customer who own only one SDL ID and related LC NMT quota but need all internal employees could benifit from LC NMT. In this case, all internal employees will not be able to log in OOS account and find license information but benifit SDL NMT directly. 

 As a test, I invited one private email address (named Test Sibling Account) in my LC account and this individual accepts the invitation succesfully and shows as active status.

However, back to Trados Studio 2019 SR2, this "Test Sibling Account" can log in SDL account with private email address & password successfully, but cannot activate SDL Machine Translation app in SDL MT log in page, without any error message or tips, when selecting "User Credentials - SDL Machine Translation Cloud" in Authentication Type.

Is there any clue how to make this works?

Should the sibling account select other authentication type while logging in? I am also following the article in log-in setting. And my master SDL ID is with NMT subscription already and I can activate SDL MT Cloud app in Trados Studio 2019 with my SDL ID.

Thanks for your help. 

  • Hello .

    There are two providers available - 'SDL Language Cloud' (out of the box) and 'SDL Machine Translation Cloud Provider' (app).

    If you select and log in via SDL Language Cloud (not MT Cloud Provider) 

    Then the user(s) that have been added to the account should be able to access the quota.

    Please ensure that you are accessing the right accounts.

  • Hi  

    Thanks for your help. Yes I tried with two methods as you mentioned. 

    1, With selecting build-in "SDL Language Cloud", the sibling user can connect Language Cloud but there is no enginer avaiable and to be added. Apart from this, seems the sibling user can also access the master SDL ID account for some informaiton like account information which the IT owner of enterprise customers won't like this.

    2, Accessing via SDL Machine Translation Cloud app,looks more simple but it is not working as I said.

    Now I raised a Support ticket and ask them to help me (in case of account/permission issue).

    I also glad if you have other suggestions when you are free.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello ,

    It's good that you have logged a ticket- its possible that your account might not have been migrated properly.

    Once you have a resolution, please let us know as this may help others in the Community.

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