SDL Machine Translation Cloud does not work

SDL MT Cloud not function: The new SDL Machine Translation Cloud, installed for Trados 2021, does not "recognize" language pairs of Spanish (International Sort) to English (US or UK).

This was the title of my complaint about 8 days ago. Since then, the MT Cloud seemed to work OK on other language pairs, but today (a) it would not "recognize" the SP>EN languages, so I entered the "Use other translator program" under "Use" - as mentioned last time. I again chose the SDL MT Cloud Translation function, properly registered to my name, which at least permitted me to add it to the list of TM's --- However, the translation program DID NOT WORK at all on the text that I was translating. I reinstalled it several times and restarted the computer, but nothing - the translation program didn't work. Any suggestions will be welcome, please!!

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