Localisation/number substitution settings


I would like some help with number substitution/localisation settings in Studio 2017. I *think* that since I switched from Studio 2015 to 2017, I have lost/changed a setting somewhere which means that substitution/localisation is no longer working correctly.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate my problem (source language FR, target language EN):

I start with this:

When I confirm the first segment (having changed the French comma to a decimal point for English), I get this:

All of the following three segments are propagated as 100% and confirmed, but all are incorrect :-/

I therefore edit segment 2 manually:

And confirm it:

But segments 3 and 4 are still incorrect :-/

In another example, from a German > English translation, I translated the German segment "40.000 €" as "€40,000". Studio then filled in a later segment "30.000€" as "€30 000" in English: it correctly moved the € sign to the beginning, but inserted a space instead of the comma.

Is this behaviour normal? Or should Studio be able to handle cases like this? If so, I imagine there must be something wrong in my settings, but I can't work out where/what to change.



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