Exclude locked segments when performing "Update Main TMs" batch task


Does anyone know of a way to systematically exclude locked segments when performing the "Update Main TMs" batch task (in our case, within the "Finalize" batch task)? In other words, we don’t want locked segments to be added to the memory nor updated with a new date and username if already there.

Currently, we’ve been using the Segment Actions plugin to change all locked segments to "Not translated" status, but we’d prefer to avoid that workaround if at all possible (mainly because misleading information ensues, as discussed here https://community.sdl.com/product-groups/translationproductivity/f/90/t/8499).



  • Before locking them, change the segment status to "Sign-off rejected". In already finished projects use SDLXLIFF Toolkit to change the status of locked segments to "Sign-off rejected" and "Locked". Works very fast and the result is exactly what you want - the segments will not be used to update any TM (unless you explicitly change the corresponding setting in the TM update process).
  • Hi Jerzy,

    Thank you for your answer, but this is a problem for us when we apply PerfectMatch ("apply PerfectMatch and lock" option), so we can’t change the segments’ status before locking them.

    The reason we don’t want the locked segments to be uploaded to the translation memories is that when we apply PerfectMatch, our translators don’t review the PM (locked and signed-off) segments, so it’s not accurate for the username and date associated to the segments to be updated in the TM.

    I’m not familiar with the SDLXLIFF Toolkit , but what you’re describing sounds like what we’re currently doing with Segment Actions. It’s not a bad way to do things, exactly, but it’s an extra step we’d like to eliminate if we can!

  • I'm afraid you will not be able to eliminate this extra step.

    But using Toolkit is very fast and very simple. You need to add all SDLXLIFF files there, select them and apply all the changes you need in on go. This will take just few seconds - maybe a minute or tw, depending on number and size of the files. You can select the project file to load all files from the project, which is very convenient.


    The toolkit is now integrated in Studio 2017