Target-only tags are not reproduced in identical segments (99% matches only)

Dear all,

I have a situation here that is puzzling me.

My company has a process where we have to translate a particular form using pink text for our translation and green text for anything we want to query or comment on to the next person along the chain, while the original German is preserved in black for reference purposes. This is formatting that obviously was not present in the source file.

In order to achieve this, we are adding a color tags cell in Excel, before import, that says pink green, so that we have access to these color tags and can duplicate them through the document during translation as needed (with the "highlight target words, CTRL+Left Mouse on tag in source" process).

The problem comes in that when Studio encounters an identical segment to one that was already translated and confirmed into the TM, the match that comes up is 99% without any of the new target-only tags (those that were not present in the source).

Does anyone know what might be happening here? Is there a setting somewhere I have to enable or is this just architecturally how Studio works (tags not in the source are ignored)?

Grateful for any help you can offer!