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How may I use the Bilingual Excel filter in Trados?

Hello, I have a problem. I have a text that I need to translate but I would need the target column can be pasted with multiple segments of text at once. I have the original source text, I am translating the text into word (I prefer this way) and then I want to copy and paste from Word all the translation and pasting it in the target column, the problem is that when I paste the text from word, everything goes to the segment 1 in Trados, and I need all the text copied from Word be pasted into different segments at once...

That is not possible so I was suggested to use the Bilingual Excel filter.

An user in a forum told me that with the Bilingual Excel filter I can...

1) Format your text in Excel (I can add a pre-translation for example in the target column inside Excel)
2) Open it in Studio with the Bilingual Excel filter
3) In the Options of this filter you can tell Studio which column is the source and which one is the target and you will then see both columns in the Editor. (And this is what I am looking for)
4) You then only need to translate the rows that you need. (That is, exactly what I need)
- I don't know how to open an Excel file in Trados using the Bilingual Excel filter.
I would appreciate someone knowing how to do this, could tell me step by step how to do this.

  • Hi Jesús,

    I think I understand better now what you're trying to do: copy text from Word into Studio and have it populate one sentence per segment. As you have explained, text cannot be pasted across segment boundaries. This is a task I have to do when doing overlays, and what I do in this situation is paste a large block of text into a segment and then use an AutoHotkey script to quickly distribute the text into the following segments.

    This short video shows how it works:


    I have placed the script in the AutoHotkey forum, here:

  • Hi ,

    In addition to the excellent advice from Nora (great script too!) it may be worth you understanding how filetypes are selected in Studio. This article might help:
  • Hi Nora and Hi Paul, thanks for your answers. YES, thanks to Nora's tutorial, yes I was able to create a bilingual Excel file and when I opened it... now yes I see the column A from Excel shows the Source text for translation and the column B from Excel shows the translated Target text, which I can introduce inside Excel.
    However, after trying this experiment... I realize I need a different approach to achive my goal... because I need to maintain the file format... that is all the special characters, links, etc., appearing in the source column... so this method is not useful to me. It is closer to what I need but do not achive finally what I want.
    I need to try a different approach, and that is Exporting for Bilingual Review a word document... editing this word document, introducing text in the rows of the column Target segment... saving this document... and now yes, using this document to update Trados with it, in such a way now I can have inside Trados the source text column with its original text and format... and also the target column with the text I manually introduced inside word.
    Due this is a different approach, I have opened a new topic... you can reach it following this link:

    I have opened a new topic because although I want to do the same... I need a different approach, the export / update for / from bilingual review and it is completely different to use the a bilingual Excel file... so... I thought the best was opening a new topic here in the forumn.
    I would really need a solution for this, and I really appreciate your patience, support and assistance.