Corrupt file: Missing locked content for 'Oasis.Xliff12.x

I keep having trouble with opening SDLxliff files for some mysterious reason.

This is the error message I get: Corrupt file: Missing locked content for 'Oasis.Xliff12.x

See screenshot below.

Any ideas?


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  • Thanks for your helpful reply and your "detective work" – during my own search for an explanation/solution I had missed the interesting blog post you mentioned.

    As Michal Cinciala states in his blog post, the files affected by this problem are processed with DejaVu. The problem occurs with some, but by no means all SDLxliff files processed with DejaVu. The problem appears to be "random", i.e. I haven't been able to establish a pattern yet, but I dare say there must be an underlying cause.

    As it happens, I'm a member of the DejaVu beta group, where I have reported this "known unresolved bug" (to quote Michal Cinciala), in the hope that it can be resolved before long.

    In the meantime, since the error message refers to allegedly "missing locked content", I came to the interim conclusion that it could have something to do with locked dynamic links – see example screenshot from Studio at

    Any further information on this and in particular a workaround that doesn't involve memoQ would be gratefully received, thank you.