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Studio crashes when trying to open a particular file in the Editor

Hello everyone,

I am having problems with a particular type of file from a client. I can upload it, create a project, analyze the file and create a package, but whenever I try to open it in the Editor, Studio simply closes without warning. The same thing happens when I reupload the file to translate it as single document or when I open the sdlxliff outside the project.

It is the third time I am experiencing this problem. The problematic files are always Word files with fairly basic formatting except for some pictures in the header and footer. I have tried removing the header and footer, but the problem remains. I can open the file in Word without problems.

Since I'm not receiving any error messages except for (sometimes) 'Studio has unexpectedly stopped working', I have no idea where to look for the problem. The only workarounds we have thought of so far are copying and pasting the text to a different document without any formatting, or translating and reviewing in an export for bilingual review, neither of which are ideal solutions.

So I was wondering if anyone else has come across a similar problem and can tell me where the root of the problem might lie, and how it can be fixed.

Thank you in advance!


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