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Studio 2019. Error: "The project must include at least one translatable file"

This type of error, which does not allow you to continue, is triggered when, after choosing a project template, you decide to change languages. From there, even if you already selected a project file or files, Studio will not recognize it/them. I believe there is some programming logic that is not working here.


To circumvent this, simply cancel the operation and restart again a new project. Then, first, go straight to the languages boxes and make the corresponding changes. It is very likely that you need to do this because none of your templates has the language pair you are choosing. Then, instead of hitting "Finish", press "Next" since you will need to add suitable TMs, termbases, etc. If you want to save those project settings as a new template you will have to create a separate new project template in Home / Tasks / Create Project Template.

  • For me this error appears regardless of any project templates. I proceed as follows: In the "Just one step" window, I first enter the project name, then add a file to be translated. Next, I set the desired source language. It appears that the fact that I switched source languages AFTER adding the file for translation, messed something up and caused this error, because if I add the file as the last step, after setting the language, the error will not occur. Once I have my project templates set up I probably will not see the error anymore as I will no longer have to switch languages manually. At least there is now a way for me to avoid it. I hope this helps!
  • I would like to see some confirmation from SDL that this error has been acknowledged and is being acted upon. It is certainly a blemish on the product.
  • Hi

    This error has been logged and will be corrected in a future release... not the next one as I believe this is already to late.
  • Hi Paul,


    Has there been a solution to the problem?

    Here is a screen capture: you can see all four files are .docx, and Studio counts them as both translatable and non-translatable... and refuses to go on. I cannot set up the project and cannot start with the translation.

    The deadline is quite short.


    Best regards,

    Pavel Tsvetkov

  • Hi

    can you tell me if the location you are saving the project is on a different drive or a network location? If it is the workaround is most likely to save the project to the same drive as Studio is installed.
  • Hi Paul,

    1. Trados is installed on drive C: (an SSD with just Windows 10 and other installed programs on it) and the project is on drive D: (HD with my data), none is a network drive.

    2. By the way, I was able to solve the problem while waiting for an answer :) I just added the first file, not all four of them and I was able to proceed with the next step.

    I am planning on adding the remaining three files when the project has been created successfully.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks

    It's the very fact you are not using the same drive, I said "or a network location", but I like your workaound. Easy with the new update feature at least!

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Trados strikes again! It is very possible that this indeed has to do with changing languages, as I did change the source language to GB and for Trados it is still US (please, see highlight above). Paul, this bug needs to be given priority for fixing: it is already the end of January, 2019 and several months have passed since this was first reported and SDL has been aware of it!

  • Hi Paul,

    Any updates on this issue? Please have a look at what's happening to me below.

    This error appears even though the file is editable:


    So I follow your instructions and I cancel the dialogue box to start again. Here's what comes up now:


    I'm completely stuck here - can't even close Trados without hitting a Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

  • Hello ,

    This was a bug in a previous release and was fixed with the latest update.
    Please rune the update on both Studio and Multiterm and you should no longer have any problems.