Studio randomly shuts down

I'm using Studio 2017 and it randomly just shuts itself down without any warning. Poof and it's gone.

It doesn't happen when I'm doing a certain task in particular, just whenever it fancies apparently.

Can someone tell me why this may be happening and how to rectify it if possible?

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  • I wonder what is being done about this. It has been over a year.

     "recommended" that a support ticket be opened. Does that mean he was expecting the users to do something? Does that mean nothing is actually being done?

    Not that it matters to me, since I don't use any of the "bells and whistles" in Studio. The software is good, but in my opinion it is too risky to use anything but the core functionality. (This bug is a good case in point.)

    But I am curious about what it takes for SDL to consider a bug important enough to fix.

    Paul has been recommending that we not use Look Ahead for years, and now it looks like Match Repair is also unusable and might remain unusable for years.

    What could SDL possibly be working on that is so critically important that major problems like this are left unresolved for years?