"Number is missing in target segment or is not properly localized"

Hi, I am a free lance translator for Czech language, and my very important question about Studio 2019 is: How can I manage the message: "Number is missing in target segment or is not properly localized". In fact the Studio 2019 (as all previous versions of Trados/Studio) doesn't know the rules to respect using the numbers in the documents in Czech. So, the above mentioned message is very null and void/disturbing/ineffective.

As translator, am I able teach the Studio to manage the numbers as needed?

If not, should it be possibile for the SDL make known to everybody this very fatal failure?

Many thanks in advance for all useful reactions


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  • Hi

    One simple way to detect such wrong or forgotten numbers and get a distince error message would be this regex:

    This will interpret 123.456,12€ as three individual numbers, but it will flag up a modified number in all but one cases I can think of. (That case would be that no thousands separators are used in the source, but some kind of separator is used in the target.) This is not as comprehensive as XBench, but it would catch most mistakes I think. Again, using Regex Autosuggest might greatly reduce the amount of mistakes introduced into the target text.

    The formatting check might be done as a separate step, again with the advantage of getting a distinct error message:

    (((\d{1,3},)+\d+)(\.\d+))|((\d{1,3},)+\d{3}[ $€]?) ...or something similar would flag up numbers with a comma as thousands separator. (Just check the target.)

    The position of a currency symbol or measurement would be a third regex, maybe (\d [€])|([€]\d) if you want to be alerted if the € symbol is anywhere but right after the last digit.

    I am not saying this rivals Xbench - that is a whole product designed to do nothing but QA, but I think there are simple ways to use Studio's QA checks to safeguard against most number-related QA problems.