How to unconfirm all segments on Studio 2015 (the whole file confirmed itself)


I have a 65k-word project and all of a sudden all segments are confirmed. I need to unconfirm about half of them. I found a similar post and a link to an app was suggested, which doesn't work for me (the link).

Can you please help? It's not possible to work like that :-(





  • Hi

    I think you were referring to an app that the developer withdrew from the appstore.  The only solutions I can offer you are to do this manually, or if you can somehow identify the ones you didn't want confirming because they are draft, or untranslated perhaps then use the Advanced Display Filter to select the ones you wanted and then set them as draft again.  You can do this like thi perhaps:

    Search for empty target segments:


    Do that as a regular expression in the target:

    Then use the filter attribute - translated and apply the filter again:


    That will leave you with untranslated segments that have a confirmed status.  Now you select them all, right-click, set as non translated.