How to Translate the PDF comments


With SDL TRADOS Studio, Is it possible to translate the comments of PDF files and count the words of these comments?

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  • Hi

    I think it may depend on the origin of the comments. I can't test this properly as I don't have access to Adobe Acrobat, the full version, but if I add a highlighting comment, or a sticky note, into a PDF it is not extracted.

    There is an option on the PDF filetype to extract comments, under the Common node, so make sure it's enabled and see where you get. I'll investigate tomorrow a little more and let you know.
  • Hi

    I discussed this with the filetype manager this morning and comments extraction from PDFs are not supported at all. We use the same UI as for the DOCX filetype but for some reason didn't remove the features that are not supported.

    Pretty poor explanation I'm afraid, but at least you know not to expect comments in your translation even if they are present in the PDF.

    Going forward this is something we hope will be supported by the 3rd party libraries we use at some point and may be possible in a future update.
  • Hi ,

    You can export all comments into an *.xfdf file.

    1. Open your pdf > Open the 'Comment' section (upper right corner) > Press the button I can't describe... er... When you hover your mouse over it, it reads 'Options', it is the rightmost button with upside down triangle denoting a drop-down menu, in the same line with the 'Find' entry field> From dropdown menu, select Export All to Data File > Save it as XFDF (NOT fdf which is by default) in the same folder as original pdf.

    2. Download and then unzip this XFDF file-type zip:

    3. Create a project clearly stating its purpose. For example, I named it 'XFDF_en-ru' (for me to know that this project is only for pdf comments, English to Russian). Go to Project Settings > File Types > Import Settings... > Import the XFDF_filetype.sdlftsettings from the above-mentioned zip archive. Remove all file type ticks except for SDL XLIFF (actually you cannot uncheck it even if you try) and 'xfdf' (it may read 'xfdf2' - if so, it is still ok). Click OK. Your project for PDF comments is ready.

    *** I do not create another project each next time but just remove my file(s) once a week or as soon as I consider them clogging my list of files, then I add new ones. This will save time for me.

    4. Add the xfdf file and translate it. Once you are done with your translation, save it normally (Save Target As). Run the newly saved xfdf. This will cause your pdf to open with translated comments.