Studio 2019 - Update File Creates Subfolder

When I use Update File it creates the update in a sub-directory. Is there a way to have it just replace the file where it exists?

  • Hi

    The update normally replaces the existing sdlxliff and renakes the old one so you can go back to the previous version easily if needed. But this usinally happens in the same folder, not in a sub-folder.

    The exception to this seems to be if you have your files in a series of subfolders. In this case the sdlxliff file is updated and the original is added to a new folder (new every time you do it) at the language level (for source and target). So I guess this is what you are referring to?

    If so I'd say there is no way other than to create your projects without that folder structure.
  • Hi

    Just an aside, I'd also be careful with this because while I was testing this a little to answer your question I noticed that if you update a file more than once in this scenario (files in folders) that you'll corrupt the project files. I escalated this to support this evening and will update you when I get a response on this... in case I made a mistake.
  • Ah, yes that's what's happening then - I've got things separated into sub-folders in the project. Thanks for the info!