I want to insert <cf size=6> </cf>

I'm a beginner and I'm translating English file into Japanese.

Sourse file is a pdf file.

I converted it to ms word 2010.

I made a project English to Japanese from the docx file.


There are many tags like

<cf size=7></cf>

<cf size=7.5></cf>

in the left pane (English sourse)


But when I preview Japanese MS word, Japanese characters are pretty big and it didn't show fully.

For example,  Arigato -> Ariga (they are Japanese letters)


So I want to make their font size smaller.


(Question 1)

There are <cf size=7></cf> in the left pane (English sourse), I tried to copy and edit them to <cf size=6></cf>.

But I didn't know how I can edit the tag.


Can I edit the tags?


(Question 2)

Or, if I could extend text box size of MS word, I may not have to make letters smaller.

But I don't know if I can change the MS word file's attribute like text box position, text box size, colour and so on.


Are there any way to edit the object layout, object size, attribute of objects and so on?