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SDL Batch Find and Replace does not come with an installation of Studio 2019?

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I migrated to Studio 2019 Freelance via an upgrade from Studio 2017 Freelance. After an installation, the SDL Apps folder in Windows Start Menu contains only SDL Plugin Management tools, meaning that SDL Batch Find and Replace, TTX It, T-Window for Clipboard and XLIFF Converter for MS Office are missing. As I still keep Studio 2017, I have these apps for the time being.

To see whether there was a conflict between two versions of Studio, I tried installing Studio 2019 on another PC where no CAT tool has ever been installed. The result – the apps are missing as well:


I have installed the latest update in both cases but that did not solve the problem either.

I have Windows 10 (on both PC's) and Windows display language is English.

Does this mean that these apps are not coming with Studio (Freelance) anymore? If so, can they be downloaded from the appstore? I think I don't see SDL Batch Find and Replace there (though for the time being, I still have it with Studio 2017 which I'll be keeping as long as it is necessary beceause I use the app very often).


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  • Hi

    All the apps were removed from the core product and put back into the appstore where they belong. Some of these have better alternatives these days anyway so it made no sense to…
  • Hi

    All the apps were removed from the core product and put back into the appstore where they belong. Some of these have better alternatives these days anyway so it made no sense to keep trying to maintain them for distribution in the core product. If you really want the 2019 versions of these you can find them here:

    SDL Batch Find & Replace - appstore.sdl.com/.../
    This one is an exception and is no longer updated for 2019. This is because there are better alternatives:

    SDL T-Window for Clipboard

    SDL TTX-it!
    But I would recommend you use SDL Legit! as I think it's a better solution too

    SDL XLIFF Converter for Microsoft Office
    Apart from the Excel export this functionality is pertty much in the product these days. There is also a neat Excel export here:
  • Hello 

    Thank you very much for the resourceful reply. I find it very useful. As you have mentioned, SDL Batch Find and Replace coming from the Appstore is for earlier versions of Studio, so I tried the new apps. After a brief test of SDLXLIFF Toolkit (hereinafter: Toolkit) and Integrated Search Views (hereinafter: ISV) which are, in terms of functionality, closest to SDL Batch Find and Replace app (hereinafter: BFR) here are my impressions. However, please bear in mind that this is not based on an extensive usage of the new apps and that some of the impressions below might have come from my insufficient knowledge of their features. Each app is useful in its own way depending on the current need.

    1. I do like highlighted search results in both Toolkit and ISV.

    2. What Toolkit and ISV are missing in comparison with BFR is an indication of the number of hits ("Statistics" tab in BFR – "Matches in Source" and "Matches in Target"). Sometimes I find this feature very useful when I have to make some terms consistent in target segments and it is very helpful to know how many changes have to be made within a project. Since my target language is inflectional (Serbian), I usually have to make all the changes manually (and batch replace is out of the question). In some cases, the number of hits determines which target term will be changed, i.e. the one with fewer hits. If the difference in hits is considerably different, it's not of a big problem. However, if 1 term coming from source has 2 different translations that have to be made consistent, and the ratio is 150 hits of one translation and 130 hits of another, it's not that easy to spot visually (by scrolling through search results) which one of the 2 will have fewer replacements.

    3. What I really love about ISV is the capability to open an xliff file exactly at a target segment in Studio Editor view from within search results of ISV.

    4. Toolkit seems to be missing the option of copying segment content to clipboard. I find this feature very useful in both ISV and BFR especially when I have to create various reports for my clients. The latter 2 even have the option to copy tag content as plain text to clipboard which is great. However, BFR is even better on that matter because of tag content being shown in different colour which is easy to spot and even paste as such, in rich text.

    I can copy this text in MS Word with a single click as follows:

    Press <cf font=MS Gothic></cf>or <cf font=MS Gothic></cf>once to view the current level of edge enhancement.

    5. Toolkit and ISV are incorporated within Studio which can be both pro and con. It is good because I don’t have to switch between different programs (which is the case with BFR), and everything is within Studio and at hand. However, I avoid overloading Studio with different apps because it tends to crash in such cases.

    For some reason, I had trouble installing ISV in Studio 2019 because it made Studio crash at opening. After restarting Windows, the app was installed successfully but makes Studio non-responsive from time to time (especially when I have to switch from “Search in sdlxliff files” View to “Files” View). When I tried it on another PC, the app was fully functional with 2019 so I had some time to try its features. However, as I don’t intend to use ISV as long as I have BFR, I’ll uninstall it entirely for the time being.

    6. Toolkit comes very handy in terms of changing segment status and the videos in YouTube are also very helpful. However, as I browsed through this forum in search for some answers, I came across a link to Toolkit manual which came with the installation of the previous version of the app but is now missing. I would definitely recommend putting it back again with the installation, or at least as a reference link within an app description in the Appstore.

    I hope SDL and/or 3rd party developer teams might reconsider putting back BFR on the Appstore, compatible even with the latest version of Studio (2019), or at least to broaden the functionality of ISV and/or Toolkit (though it seems that ISV is closer to my needs so I vote for its feature improvement).

    Thanks for your patience.