Editing Project templates

In my company, we are using a lots of Project templates customized to the various needs of our clients + certain file types.
For each client, we use from 2 to 10 different project templates, with diverse settings. This is in order to simplify the job of our PM who then don't have to customize the settings for each and every job, and rather use the appropriate template.

But this brings another issue: with any new updates, and even more when we change Studio versions, we sometimes have to update all the project templates (and we use hundreds of these!), since they sometimes don't work properly with the new version in some cases. Is there any simple way, or an application that would help us to update the project template easily, and apply the changes to all our project templates? I search for an app doing this in the app store, and didn't find any...


Thank you!

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  • Hi  

    Daniel García Magariños said:
    Is there any way of creating a new template from scratch with a new version of Studio?

    The only way to do this is to create new projects and save them as a template as you work; or only create them from projects that have been created in the new version of Studio using the new default template.

    Daniel García Magariños said:
    After an upgrade, all our existing projects will have been created with the previous version of Studio using templates from the previous version. I am not sure if a template created out of and old project will be really "new" or whether it will cause unwanted issues.

    It could create unwanted issues.  For example:

    - older versions of the filetypes

    - missing features

    - underlying logic used in the software that is looking for something only available in a new template

    Unfortunately we don't provide any proper migration tools for these things when upgrading, which is unfortunate.  But using older templates is a little like upgrading your car but keeping some of the old engine parts ;-)