What is the difference between an upgraded TM and non-upgraded TM

When you create a new TM and import a TMX file, Trados Studio asks you to upgrade it.


1. Why does it ask you instead of just upgrading it?

2. What is the difference between a non-upgraded TM and upgraded TM?

For example, if I run analysis, will I get different results?

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     I think  would be best placed to provide a clear answer on this one.

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    Upgrading can mean several things, mostly around re-indexing and doing fine-grained alignment to enable fragment matching and fuzzy match repair (upLIFT). Put non-technically, it's all about the "health" and peformance of a TM. Re-indexing is usually fairly fast - so could be done so fast that you should not need to be prompted, but doing fine-grained alignment can take a longer time and so it's good if users can decide to do this kind of upgrade at their own pace. After importing TMX in particular, the fine-grained alignment will be out of date and so another alignment is recommended. In your analysis, depending on your settings, you will then also see matching fragment words etc. in the analysis, so those results are also affected by the 'health' and performance of the TM. Hope that makes sense, thanks, Daniel