Word file corrupting after saving file via Save Target As more than once

Hi there

A Word (docx) file is opened in SDL Studio (2017 or 2019) and translated. The file is saved using "Save Target As" via F12. The output file writes over the original docx file and will open fine in Word.

If the file is saved via F12 again, with or without making changes to any segments, Studio reports the file as saved but Word says "The file xxxx cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents". Even saving via "Save Target As" using a different name results in a corrupt Word file.

This does not happen with all files. Indeed, some Word files will become corrupt just "Saving Target As" the first time (this appears to be a bookmarks problem, but not entirely sure), while others can be re-saved multiple times with no issue. Also, it happens with files (i) sent from clients, (ii) created locally with copy/pasted text or (iii) extracted from PDFs, however, once again, some files are affected regardless of how they were created and others are not, i.e. the source of the file is apparently not a root cause of the issue. 

When this happens it is highly annoying, especially if I have spent an hour or two adjusting the initial Word document (e.g. after a PDF extraction) prior to opening it in Studio, as the original file is overwritten and now corrupt, so has to be recreated from scratch (or re-downloaded, or whatever).

Would appreciate any help with this, it occurs quite often.