Word automatically launching with dozens of blank documents

I'm running Studio 2017 with Office 365. When I start up Windows 10, Word will often launch automatically with dozens of blank or nearly blank documents. This is strange because Word is not in my Startup folder or otherwise configured to launch automatically when I start Windows. And because each Word document is a separate instance, I can't just quickly kill Word in the Task Manager. Instead, I have to kill each instance separately or close each window manually in Word. The right-click and close all windows command from the taskbar doesn't work either, because I have to click through all of the Autorecover dialog boxes first. This is really annoying and time-consuming!

The reason seems to be that Studio opens Word instances to use the spell check feature but doesn't always close these instances properly, generating a mess of autorecover files somewhere. I can tell because if one of these documents isn't just blank, it often contains snippets of text from translations I was working on in Studio. For reasons beyond me, Word tries to restore all of these automatically when I start Windows.

I need a solution or at least a workaround that's better than always checking the task manager to make sure all instances of Word are closed when I shut down or restart. There are too many situations where that isn't possible and then I have the nasty surprise of having to wait 20 minutes before I can get my machine is any usable state again.