Trados confirms all segments

Dear All,


I work with Trados 2017. There's this thing that keeps happening to me and that is driving me round the bend: 

I seem to be hitting some weird combination of keys that causes Trados to mark all segments as translated, even empty ones. I know how to undo the damage (just change segment status), but what I'd really like to know is: What's causing it? Is there a key combination or button that I am inadvertently hitting?? 


Grateful for any ideas on what's going on...


  • Close the file without saving, as unconfirming the segments might be impossible. In case you have already saved, start with a clean file and use TM.
    To avoid in the future, go to File -> Options -> Keyboard shortcuts and remove the shortcut for "Confirm all". Shortcuts are sorted alphabetically, so finding that is very simple.
  • This happens to me when I select and confirm several unconfirmed translated segments. Then all empty segments are confirmed too.

  • There is a shortcut for "Confirm all" - simply go to File -> Options -> Keyboard Shortcuts, locate this particular one and deactivate it. When done, an accidental confirmation of all segments  should not happen again.

  • Thank you for your reply. 

    But I do not use the shortcut "Confirm all" - this one is deactivated in my case.

    I just select e.g. 3 translated segments out of 100 empty ones. And I want to confirm only this 3 segments. But Studio confirms the whole file. 

  • I just select e.g. 3 translated segments out of 100 empty ones. And I want to confirm only this 3 segments. But Studio confirms the whole file. 

    Can you elaborate please:

    1. what version of Studio?
    2. what steps?  So are you filtering on these three segments first?  Are you selecting three non-contiguous segments with the mouse and confirming?  How are you confirming?

  • 1. Now I´m using Studio 2019 ver. But this is problem known to me since years, in Studio 2014-2017 too.

    2. No filtering, all segments in the file are displayed. I select 3 contiguous segments of course - with the mouse or with Shift+Down/Up. Then I conform with the hotkey "Confirm and move to next unconfirmed segment". Or with "Confirm and don´t move to the next segment".

    I tried it right now with a huge file I´m working on. All remaining 500 empty segments were confirmed. Studio froze for several minutes. Then I found out, that CTRL-Z has stopped working once again...

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    That is happening from time to time.
    -I am a version 2017 user, have no idea about version 2019

  • Have you checked, if the shortuct for confirming all segments isn't active in your Studio version?

    When CTRL+Z stops working, you have to close Studio and restart it. Usually, when that happens, Studio will freeze in the near future or crash completely.

  • Why don't you simply change the status for such selected segments? Confirming several selected segments with the hotkey is not the way it is supposed to work. The hotkey is for confirming single segments only - at least this is how I understand working with Studio. For confirming several selected segments in one go I always use the "Change segment status" feature - either right click or the one from the ribbon.

  • The shortcut for confirming all segments is not active.

    As for not working CTRL+Z: I was told by the SDL support, that this bug will be corrected in S2019 SR2. Did not happen.

    I suppose that restarting Studio all the time is not the way translators want to use it on daily bases...

  • When I e.g. provide a global "Find and Replace" and I want the changes to be saved in the TM, I need to confirm the segments. It is not enough, if I only change the status. Right?

    Or it can easily happen by mistake - you select text in 2 different segments by pressing e.g. Shift+Down. Then you confirm. And the accident is happened... 

    If the "hotkey is for confirming single segments only", it should not be possible to confirm multiple segments. Just my opinion. And if it IS possible, it should work properly and safely for the user. With respect to his time and work!

  • Unfortunately it is the same in 2019 too. 

    More specifically, this "feature" is available since Studio 2014.

  • It really depends on the way you work. When searching & replacing, I do not need to have the segments updating my TM in this very moment, having changed the status to "Translated" or whatever needed is enough.

    I never select segments via shift+down, simply because I use ALT+DOWN to select segments when I need to merge them. For confirming batches of segments when I use display filter I only use the segment status change. Should I really need these segments being updated in the TM, I would then simply run the proper batch for it.

    And it is not necessary to restart Studio so often, usually I do that only few times a week. For example I am now working on a 84,000 words document and have kept Studio with this file open for several days, powering the PC down only yesterday...

    Now I have tried to select two unconfirmed segments in Studio with SHIFT+DOWN, then pressed the shortcut for confirming the segment. Only one segment (the first one) got confirmed, the second one was not confirmed. Same happens, when I activate both segments - so I cannot confirm the problem reported here. Nothing similar happens here.

  • 1. I NEED to confirm the segments and to save the content in the TM, because otherwise I would use the old content (ev. with errors) in the future (maybe even in the next minute).

    2. I really do not know, how YOU work. I report here a problem, that I´m experiencing since years.

    3. It IS necessary for me to restart Studio, if it STOPS WORKING PROPERLY. If it would work for weeks without a damned bug known since year, I would be glad, if I would not have to restart it. Trust me.

    4. Good for you, that it works. There is even a difference in the behavior, if you select the whole text of the first and the last segment or just a part of it. Trust me, I´m not spending time here with an not existing problem.

    Since I see that this discussion leads to no result, I would like to conclude it with only one thing. I have noticed several times the errors reported by users are either simply ignored or they are pushed to the users themselves. Once I have reported a bug and got the answer "This is not a bug, this is a feature". What a surprise that this feature suddenly disappeared in the next release... 

    Is this the way, how a developer support should work?

  • I am not a developer, just a user like you.

    If I answer here, I spent my free time for this. Trying to reproduce your problem I cannot find any problems in Studio. What I report is the behavior of Studio on my machine. This is a pity, Studio does not work properly on your machine. So there must be a difference between these 2 machines... Unfortunately Windows PCs may differ in so many ways, that it is next to impossible to find out what's causing this unwanted behavior here and there.