Possible bug: Right-clicking misspelled words when Center Active Row is enabled

I think there is a bug in how Studio 2019 behaves if you right-click a word marked as misspelled when Center Active Row is enabled in Options > Editor, and the word you right-click is NOT currently centered. To reproduce: Have Center Active Row enabled. Open a document for translation. Write some text, some of which is misspelled. Make sure the segment is NOT centered (scroll the document with the mouse to place the segment at the top or bottom of the screen). Right-click a word marked as misspelled. On my PC, this causes the segment with the misspelled word to "jump" to the center position, and the general right-click menu to show, not the spell-check right-click menu.

In the first screendump you see a misspelled word in a segment which is not centered. In the second screendump, I have just right-clicked the misspelled word. This has caused the segment with the misspelled word to "jump" to the center position (in this case, to jump from the upper part of the editor (the green rectangle) to the center (the red rectangle)). At the same time, the right-click menu that opens is not the spell-check right-click menu as expected, but the general right-click menu.

Expected behavior: The spell-check right-click menu should open, and the segment should not jump to center position in this case, but only when you confirm segments.

  • I see what you mean. If you don't use the center active row and you right-click on the word it opens the correct menu, but it also activates the segment, so this is why using the option will cause the segment to become centred. But I don't know why it doesn't activate the spelling menu.

    I'll report this to support and let you know what the outcome is.

    Thank you.
  • Dennis Boffy said:
    Sounds good. And you're welcome!
    Btw, are you still keeping an eye on my other thread: community.sdl.com/.../73526
    I have added information there in response to your previous remarks.

    The advantage of a support contract is we'd tackle these quickly.  In here the easier ones get tackled quickly... when there's a lot to take in we can pick them up when we get suitable time to review them.  In general the golden rule is this if you want help without a support contract:
    1. post one issue at a time, separate thread for each one or we get lost and easily miss things need following up
    2. provide easy steps to reproduce.  If we have to guess, or do a lot of work to figure out what you mean the request drops down the list
    3. provide sample files (if possible) and preferably small ones that help to reproduce the problem
  • Hello,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Engineering is now aware of this behavior, which is tracked internally (as a defect) under number CRQ-13432. Customers who own a Support Contract, can track the status of defects from their Support Portal. Our users who do not own a Support Contract can find out more about defect statuses by raising Support Cases via this web-form: https://gateway.sdl.com/webtocase or if a post is created here (Paul, please correct me if I'm wrong).

    I also have a small remark to make over here (Paul also brought it up in one of his previous posts): the "Center active row" option causes a row to be placed in the center of the Editor when it's activated (selected). Right-clicking a word in any particular segment, "activates" that segment, hence it will move to the center of the Editor.

    Thank you,

    Vlad Bondor | Customer Support Manager | SDL