Trados 2019 missing content in multi line XML

We are having a problem with Trados 2019 where some of the content in multi-line entries in an XML file is skipped by the parser and left in English. This never used to happen with Trados 2014. Only 2-3 segments on over 1000 are skipped, with infuriating results.

We can't seem to find a pattern for this. In fact, the same segment is at times recognised inside a CDATA and not inside another. One recent example:

              <value><![CDATA[Dear <strong>${firstName},</strong>

<br />

 <br />

Introducing <strong>${contestName}</strong> contest! Here's your opportunity to earn fabulous awards based on your performance in this exciting new contest.

<br />


The sentence in red was skipped by Trados.

Has anyone had the same experience and found a solution? Thank you in advance!

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  • to my profound surprise, I could not get your settings file to work for me at all - Studio did not accept the placeholder settings for your legacy embedded content processor....

    However, using a new embedded content processor it's a piece of cake - or at least it looks like it is. Would this be the content you would like to see in the Editor?

    (I did not copy all your parser settings as for the snippet you gave me only the //value setting seems to matter.)