How to save as xliff in Trados 2019 (Save Target As doesn't work..!)


I imported a xliff file and when I finished and saved the file, it automatically changed to sdlxliff format. My client wants xliff file, not sdlxliff. I looked up the previous questions which answer that I should save the file as xliff by using save target as. But when I did so, I only get a word file. I tried Advanced Save as well, still word file is saved. It's either word or sdlxliff. I don't know if this function changed recently, but can anybody please tell me how I can save the file as xliff?

Thank you very much in advance.

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  • It sounds as though the file have was actually a Word file to start with, not XLIFF, and if you save target successfully then the file you started with must have been an sdlxliff.  It could not have been anything else.

    Are you sure they didn't just ask for an xliff while actually meaning an sdlxliff?  Some users shorten the name as an sdlxliff is an xliff.