A modest 16.6 MB termbase, containing 2,900 terms, inexplicably grows 16+ times to 271 MB

Dear all,

The name of this thread says it all:

a comparatively modest termbase of 16 MB:

...containing some 2,800 terms, has inexplicably grown to the humongous 271 MB:

I suspect that this is the result of MultTerm crashing and then not fixing its own mess

Reorganizing the termbase has no effect on its size, so, please, do not offer it. These ever-growing termbases then simply stop working and Studio no longer recognizes terms from them.

As far as I am concerned (and I have been a paying customer since 2007, using Trados on an almost daily basis) Multiterm remains the over-engineered and unreliable mess it has always been to the detriment of its users.

I apologize if I am hurting anyone's feelings, not my intent.

Best regards,

Pavel Tsvetkov