Search misses some occurrences

Dear Paul,

Translating into French, I very often have to run a general search and replace for apostrophes just before delivery to comply with the instructions: curly or straight.

Lately, I was told that in one of my projects wrong apostrophes were found, and I naturally assumed that I had made a mistake (like making edits after the apostrophe check or something else).

So I was a bit shocked by what I discovered by chance in a project yesterday :

  • After a replace of straight quotes with curly quotes, SDL reported that it found nothing. A search backwards reported the same. All looked fine and ready to be delivered with only curly quotes.
  • But then I saw a segment which still contained one straight quote. I rerun the search, it still found nothing.
  • Thinking that it might be a different character than the straight quote Alt 39 and the curly quote Alt 0146, I even copy-pasted the d' into the search field. It still did not find it! The search did not find the character(s) that I just grabbed from the text itself !

I am wondering how this can happen, and how I can be sure to deliver a file with only curly quotes when the search cannot detect all of them. This happened in Studio 2017 SR1 14.1.10015.44945 (the latest).

To help you analyze the issue, I have three screen captures demonstrating the unsuccessful search, as well the bilingual file in which the issue occurred. Unfortunately I cannot upload them here since that would make them public to everyone, but I will gladly provide these files. I uploaded one of the 3 screen captures but hid all the content.