Problem viewing the last segments of a TM

I'm working on a TM, and in the toolbar at the top, Trados says that there are 82 pages, each with 50 segments. When you go to the last page, it stops at segment 4100. However, if I search within the TM, it brings up results from segments after 4100, all the way up to numbers in the 4500s! I can't find any way to see these segments! If I change it to show 500 segments per page, I can see all the way up to 4345, but the client has said that they can see 4458 segments, just by moving through the pages normally. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've tried closing the TM and re-opening it, but it didn't change anything!

  • Hello ,

    I dont think there is anything wrong here at all- nor that you are doing anything wrong.

    Let me explain-

    If I take a large TM- you will see that i have 18658 TU's- but the first segment is Nr 3- with segments 7/10/13/14.... etc.missing

    If i now scroll to the very bottom- you will see 19004 TU

    ...So a discrepancy of 346 TU's.

    This discrepancy could be through duplicates/edited and deleted segments etc.- Hence the out of sequence TU numbering.

    Now when i export my TM to TMX and reimport- I see the number of TU's match exactly what I see whilst in editing mode-

    Note the Segment stasts with 1 and carries on through to the end- with an exact TU match

    Hope this helps.