Not getting an answer

I posted 14 days ago a problem I had opening an sdlxliff file, my last question regarding if it could be due to a problem with the antivirus was posted 9 days ago and I still haven't got a response.

I eneded up figuring it out myself by reading the code of the file in a text editor and testing over and over again for days.

Please take note of this issue because some antivirus programms can have problems recognising the extension of Trados' files when sending or receiving them.

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    Could you let me know where you posted your original query please, as it appears you only joined the 'SDL Trados Studio Community' today.

    It is a known issue that some AntiVirus Providers will quarantine SDL files (a problem exasperated if the files are stored remotely)- but will not warn you of this. Some of the worst culprits in my experience are Avast/Avira and Kaspersky.

    Should you have not already done so, please add Studio (and MultiTerm) to your AV providers 'white list'.

    Also another issues that causes problems time and time again, is when you have a program such as 'CCleaner' installed and do not close down Studio and the PC fully. CCleaner will then  based on settings, delete the temporay files- which can then corrupt the file.