"Multiple Root Elements at line 3 pos. 28" error when generating target translations for IDML file


I have a IDML target file and translated SDLXLIFF files and I am trying to generate the final translated IDML documents. When I go to generate the target translations, I get the following erorr from Trados:

"Multiple Root Elements at line 3 pos. 28" 

I currently cannot complete the translations for this document.

Please help!

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  • Hi

    Thanks for the response. Here is the error message dialog:

    I don't see a way to provide a more complete stack trace.

    I imported the file as a new single file translation and ran "Generate Target Translations" and got the same error.

    The source document contains hyperlinks and data merge fields. Do you have any tips for finding empty hyperlinks in the field and generally cleaning up the file?