All the projects disappeared from Studio 2019 Projects folder!!!

How could it happen that all Studio 2019 projects disappeared from Projects folder. Not just from the Projects view (it would not be a problem). They disappeared from the computer. All of them! Project folder is empty! It happened after I tried to create a new project with a template based on a previous project. When I was entering the project name, the program issued error message "such name exists" several times. Then, after I added a file to translate, I received an error message about non-existent folder. And after I cancelled the project creation and restarted Studio, I find no 2019 project in the Projects view and NO project in the Projects folder. They are not also in the Recycling Bin. Such a bug is really disastrous!

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  • Hello  

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. If you are replying in community, please 'tag' the person so they receive an email notification (please see below the top tip below

    I have trawled through the actual logged support cases to see if I can pinpoint a single common identifier that could be a cause of this issue.

    The following helped a user who has not reported any further issues since reporting 6 months ago

    Apart from the possible reasons already mentioned in this post- it might be worth looking at particular admin rights/running Studio as Admin.

    "Studio keeps the project list in the "Projects.xml"file located on C:\Users\username]\Documents\Studio 2019\Projects

    When you add or delete a project from the project list Studio will automatically update the Projects.xml. If this xml cannot be edited due to the lack of user permission, Studio will no longer be able to retrieve the list therefore the projects will not be displayed in Studio Project list.

    To solve this issue you can try the following:

    1 Close all SDL products
    2 Go to C:\Users\username]\Documents\Studio 2019\Projects
    3 Delete "Projects.xml"file
    4 Run Studio as administrator

    If you don't have admin rights please request your IT dept to proceed.

    By running Studio as admin the "Projects.xml"file will be automatically created, this will ensure the necessary rights to read/write the information from the XML, you can the n open Studio normally you should no longer encounter this issue."

    Please let me know if this solution helps.

  • Hi. Read the problem description again, it looks like you may be answering another thread here.

    The project.xml is not affected

    The actual files & folders of multiple projects are deleted, with not possibiliy to undo  

  • Hello ,

    My response was generic to the topic of the thread in general as we try to get to the bottom of this.

    I am more than happy to set up a remote Webex with you (and any other user experiencing the problems) to see if we can't get this resolved.

    Please email me direct at ( your availability, and we can set this up.

    The WebEx would need to take place on a work station that is affected.

    If you could produce the logfiles of the affected machine (and those of one that isn't)- these could help spot the problem-

  • A webex is not necessary - we were able to replicate the issue. Try this:

    1. create a folder (i.e. name ther folder "TEST")

    2. Create a project in that folder

    -- use the default template, what is in this project does not matter
    -- the only important thing is that the project location path is the TEST folder 

    3. Start the Wizard again to create a new project:

    -- use the "test" project created above as template
    -- the "location path" displayed should be pointing to the TEST folder
    -- make sure the Location path "autofill" check boxes is checked

    4. Replace the Project Name by a space character

    -- you can delete the file name and add the space
    -- or just select and replace with a space

    5. Cancel the Wizard

    The entire folder TEST you created at step 1 is gone
    -- including all the project(s) that you created in that folder

  • Thank you for these steps.  We have managed to replicate this another way, a less likely way, by doing this:

    1. You need to have two different project templates, with different project location paths, to folders that are not empty.
    2. Create New Project in Studio (using one of the two templates)
    3. Delete entirely the suggested Project Name (observe the information message that the specified project location folder already contains some files), do not write another project name
    4. Change the initial project template from the "Use settings from" drop-down (observe the pop-up information that this change will overwrite all of the settings.), click OK
    5. Switch back to the initial project template

    This should lead to having all the contents of that invalid folder deleted.

    We have added your steps, which seem a more likely process for most users, to item CRQ-17166 which is the internal reference we have created for this issue.  It's clearly a critical issue and is tagged as such and will be resolved in the update after the next one.  We already have an update in Beta at the moment which will be released next week so there isn't time to include a fix for this, but it will be in the next update after that.

    Thank you to all the users in this thread who reported this.