Loading animation with almost any action

It could be clicking in a TU. Clicking in the Concordance window. A round, blue loading animation almost invariably appears for up to a couple of seconds delaying any user action. Latest 2019 build.

  • Hi

    Do you use TMs on a network or remote drive... even dropbox or googledrive for example? I'm wondering if you are using lookahead as well, whether the connectivity to your resources is slowing things down.  If you are, perhaps try temporarily working locally with all of your resources and see if the same thing happens.

  • Paul, it is a local NVMe SSD. The sdxliff file is about 15 MB. Even after disabling lookahead I still see the animation in the above described actions. It could be only for half a second, but it is almost always there. It is especially bizarre that it always happens when clicking in Concordance results window (clicking again on the same window is animation-free), where I guess lookahead is out of scope.

    Another scenario where this impedes workflow is double clicking a source segment word and then pressing F3, only to be presented with "No matches found". What happens here is that the double click action is not applied due to the animation running. So one has to double click or select again in order to run a Concordance search.

  • ok... I'll check with the support teams tomorrow.  In the meantime what OS are you using, and also which AV.  I'm pretty sure this will come up so good to have it in advance.

  • Win 10, 1903, Avast. Issue is the same with AV turned off. Also tested with a different, 2 MB only TM. The result is almost identical. It is quite interesting though that when clicking further down on the TUs, there is no animation; when I click on the Concordance results windows, there it is again, and when I click back to a TU, there it appears again also. So, clicking in Concordance results retriggers in the main Editor section.

    Edit: I did manage to capture it on video. Can forward it to an e-mail if you want (due to privacy issues).