Termbase search terms appearing in reverse order!

Hi everyone!

I have a strange problem. When I perform a Termbase Search in my open Termbase Search window, a bunch of terms appear. But the problem is that the order of the terms appearing is reversed to what it should be!

Let me explain. Ideally, the terms in termbase that are closest to the term I am actually searching should appear FIRST, and then, as the match score lowers, the terms should be appear in decreasing order. So, ideally, if I search for a term, the results of my seach that match the term exactly or closely enough should appear at the beginning, while the terms that are more different should appear at the bottom.

As things are now, the opposite happens. Terms most alike to the ones I am searching appear at the bottom of the list. Of course, if I have 40+ search results, that means I ALWAYS have to scroll down.

Why is this happening?

Another issue related to the first. I am not able to limit the Mínimum Match Value % and never have been. The result is that even I set this parameter to 100%, I get a LOT of garbage results and the only interesting ones are placed last!

I'll try to attach images. These are my Search Settings within Termbases.

And If I try to search the term Stream in my termbase I get a lot of garbage such as

Notice that as the terms are placed LOWER, the search results are getting closer to "Stream" . Notice also the SIZE of the scroll bar at the right, showing that I have over 50 results! The last esults are the ones that actually have the word "STREAM" on them and not "STRENGH", "STRESS" or some other crazy term. I will show you the same previous search with the scroll bar scrolled ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Notice that as I go lower and lower, terms are becoming more similar to "stream" until at the end I FINALLY FIND the terms of the termbase that include the word Stream.

Any of you knows about this, know how to solve this or whether this is a bug or something I am doing wrong??? Because this is extremely annoying for me, you can see how large my termbases are, and not being able to limit Match Searches and getting results in the wrong order is complicating things a LOT for me. Remember, changing Search Settings, Mininum Match % does nothing (I have just shown you a search with 100% match search settings!!!)