Filter Penalties don't work as expected

Hello support team, 

We have a TM from which we would like to penalize those TUs that have NOT been created by a particular user. 

In the image below you can see the rule that we created under Project Settings > Language Pairs > Translation Memory and Automation > Filters. 

As you can see below, no penalty is applied to this TU entry, despite the fact that the created by value is different from what is mentioned in the not-matching criteria. In other words, to our understanding, the TM suggestion should be a 95% and not a 100% match. 

The exact same filter works perfectly fine when we open the TM from Translation Memories menu and we apply the same filter there. 



  • I've always thought this is a terribly worded window.  Based on what you have shown this is what I would expect... step by step:

    1. You set a rule to look for TUs that are not RBAMOUSER\goebelkg
    2. You set a penalty on this rule to say that any TU not matching it should be penalised by 5 pts.
      This is a double negative, which is why I don't like it
    3. You then showed a user who was not RBAMOUSER\goebelkg, which means he matched the criteria and so should not be penalised
    4. The correct result should be 100%

    It's not a question of the filter rule, it's the environment it is being applied and this sentence is everything here:

  • ,

    I'm a bit confused with these wordings

    I've tried both, but still no penalty is applied...

    This particular segment was created by another user, so it should have been penalized, shouldn't it?

  • I'm a bit confused with these wordings


    Both of the rules you have applied will result in a match which means no penalty is applied.

    The first rule says "match TUs not created by "RBAMOUSER\goebelkg"

    The second rule says "match TUs created by someone other than RBAMOUSER\goebelkg"

    You need a rule that says "match TUs created by RBAMOUSER\goebelkg".  Then when the TU you find doesn't equal RBAMOUSER\goebelkg it will be penalised... all being well ;-)

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    My rule is now as follows:

    Still no penalty is applied.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • The only other thing I can think of would be you are changing these in File -> Options rather than the project Settings for your project?  If not try closing the project, open another one and then go back.  Sometimes a refresh issue can prevent settings from taking effect immediately.

    If that's not the case then I better knock up an example and try to reproduce!

  • Thanks for mentioning this, I've already make sure that I've applied the filter in projects settings

    I've also closed and opened Studio, opened another project, issue persists. I've also submitted a case, still haven't received a response.

    What else?

  • I'm not sure!  I went through the process just now like this:

    I also tried adding more TMs and changing the order around but this also failed to fail (inkeeping with the logic of these statements ;-))

    Maybe you can share your project and TM and I can test it?

  • Thanks a lot for the video you prepared. I've followed the exact same steps in the TM we received from our client, still didn't work.

    BUT, in a dummy project the method you showed works like a charm. So could this be an issue of the SDLTM? I've tried to repair the TM, nothing changes. 

    Another thing is that I cannot export the content to TMX in order to isolate the TUs with a script. Error message is attached.


    Since filtering works in "Translation Memories" tab, is there a way to export these TUs to a new TM?

  • Would you be ok to share your TM and an sdlxliff to test this with?  If you are you can send this to

    You should be able to export to a TMX with the segments you need.  I just tested that and it worked fine by creating a filter on the export wizard, but so did the simple export.  I don't know why you have the error you do but I seem to recall something around a problem with W10 updates and the latest version of Studio... I'll need to check that.  I use W8.1 so perhaps this is whjy I don't have the problem with the export.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot send you the neither the SDLTM nor the project itself..

    The original SDLTM contain ~150K entries. This TM was NOT upgraded, so once I did it, I was able to export the content to TMX!!

    The issue with the penalty that is not applied still persists despite the upgrade, but it's minor cause I exported 2 TMX files, one with all TUs from "RBAMOUSER\goebelkg" one with all other users!

    This way I will create 2 separate TMs and penalize the latter!

    Thanks a lot Paul for your help anyway!