How to translate MadCap Flare keyword entries in Studio 2017?

Dear community,

I am having trouble translating keyword terms in HTML files created with MadCap Flare.

All I have achieved so far by using the parser settings is having those keywords displayed as uneditable tags, but I need to translate those terms to English.

This is what it looks like in the Studio 2017 editor:

And in EmEditor:

I understand that I need to define a rule making <MadCap:keyword term="..." /> editable but I just cannot seem to find the right settings.

Also note that those keywords are nested within further structural markups, <h1> in this specific case.

The file type is HTML 5, so I cannot leverage XPath for this.

Thank you in advance for any input you may have!

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  • which is pretty much worthless without user-defined tweaks - but to do those tweaks, one needs to know more about the format than Mr. A. Joe ;)

    It would be interesting to know if the tweaks people make are always the same, and then we have a good case for adapting the filetype defaults.

    I'd also make sure that you know what is required for translation out of the files you have.  That is the most important thing when handling any XML and if the client didn't tell you, or you didn't ask, then even with the tweaks from Evzen you are going into this blindly.  I don't believe all requirements are the same as it can depend on how the client is using the authoring tool in the first place.

    It's worth pseudotranslating (use dollar symbols) some of the files as a check and look to see whether or not you are missing anything, and also if you have done too much.

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