Acquia XLF file and segmentation issue - fix needed


I am just starting to learn how Trados works as a new Project Coordinator.

Presently, the organization I am at is using Acquia to create their webpages.  The issue with some of the files is that, I believe it is the &#13 code in the xlf file, how they design the file is creating giant segments instead of manageable segments. 

This is just one such segment:

Giant Segment

I am trying to find a way to assist my translators in getting a more manageable file.   I was wondering if within the Segmentation Rules something could be created to break this down into segments of the areas that do not need to be translated and the actual text that does need translation.   If not within Rules would there be another way.

I am trying to determine how to do this for both our in-house translators and for any freelance we might use.

Any suggestions/workaround would be greatly appreciated.