Qualitivity provides different results for pre-translation and for manually entered MT?

Qualitivity appears to provide different results depending on how MT was post-edited.

I took the same file and translated it using DeepL MT in two separate projects: one pre-translated with MT and one where MT entries were added manually one by one.

I created a Qualitivity project for each of them, and I run "Export Activities" for each (see attachments).

  • If I pre-translate a file with MT, I have "Original Origin System" and "Original Origin Type" correctly filled with "DeepL Translator provider..." and "mt". The PEM% column provides valid results for each segment (with 100% for unchanged segments).
  • If I translate a file inserting MT manually segment by segment, I have "Original Origin System" and "Original Origin Type" columns empty. The PEM% column provides only 0% (for any changed segment) or 100% (for unchanged segments - that is correct).

Is this an expected behaviour of Qualitivity?

What is the correct way of tracking when MT is entered manually in each segment, not pre-translated?


Marta Bartnicka

Export Activities MT Pretranslated.xlsxExport Activities MT Manual.xlsx