Using language resource templates with align


I have a question regarding align. I wanted to align a single document and import it into a dedicated local TM which I created based on a previous project, as this previous project already contained the custom fields and source language resource settings.

When I started reviewing the alignment, I noticed that in the segmentation in the target document differed from the segmentation in the source document, as the TM I based my dedicated alignment TM on was based on a source language resource template with an additional segmentation rule. I remembered that you can actually adapt the language resource settings in a TM for both the source and the target language and managed to find out where to make the changes.

However, I find it cumbersome to make the same changes (segmentation rules, ordinal followers, abbreviations) manually for every alignment project and would rather like to use some kind of template, preferentially the existing language resource template for the target language. I then tried to find a way to download the existing templates from GroupShare but only managed to copy them. Is there a way to download language resource templates? And is there a way to use them for the target language in Align? Maybe even some kind of project template for alignment projects as in WinAlign?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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