Using language resource templates with align


I have a question regarding align. I wanted to align a single document and import it into a dedicated local TM which I created based on a previous project, as this previous project already contained the custom fields and source language resource settings.

When I started reviewing the alignment, I noticed that in the segmentation in the target document differed from the segmentation in the source document, as the TM I based my dedicated alignment TM on was based on a source language resource template with an additional segmentation rule. I remembered that you can actually adapt the language resource settings in a TM for both the source and the target language and managed to find out where to make the changes.

However, I find it cumbersome to make the same changes (segmentation rules, ordinal followers, abbreviations) manually for every alignment project and would rather like to use some kind of template, preferentially the existing language resource template for the target language. I then tried to find a way to download the existing templates from GroupShare but only managed to copy them. Is there a way to download language resource templates? And is there a way to use them for the target language in Align? Maybe even some kind of project template for alignment projects as in WinAlign?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I will have a look at the app you mentioned. But It should not require an app to be able to export/import language resource templates. And at least for Align it should be possible to import a language resource template for both the source and the target language.

    I totally agree .  I don't think this part of the software has received enough attention which is one reason we developed the app.

  • Hi Johanna,

    export/import language resource template settings like abbreviation lists between GroupShare and file-based TMs is something which had been on the ETUG wish-list years ago but unfortunately has never made into the product as core feature...

    a way to download language resource templates

    Have you thought/tested to create file-based TMs on the basis of the GroupShare server TMs which contain the desired language resource? Because the file-based TM would inherit all the GroupShare TM settings including language resources. These file-based TMs would need to be created individually per language pair. Or you set up a temporary multilingual project with all the desired target languages, add the server TMs and select the "Populate Project Translation Memories" batch task in order to batch create file-based project TMs for all relevant languages. You can retrieve the project TMs from the Studio project folder and copy it to a different TM folder that you can use for the alignment.

    some kind of project template for alignment projects as in WinAlign

    I fully agree with you (and Paul) that the alignment configuration settings require improvement.

    As far as I know, an alignment project takes at least some of its settings (like file types - whose settings can also impact the segmentation) from the currently active project (or is it the default project template that is selected highlighted under Setup - Templates?).
    Before doing an alignment, I therefore deliberately create/set my active project to one that contains my preferred file type setting for the corresponding alignment project.
    But I think the TM used for the alignment always has to be selected separately.
    And I have always wondered why there is not a clearer and better link between the alignment and the project settings that should be used (file type and TM).

    I would prefer to be able to set up an alignment project from the the "normal" project creation wizard so that I have the full overview and control of which file types, TMs and other settings are used.

    Kind regards