Studio 2015 painfully slow when working with TM servers


I have Studio 2015 and I started working on projects linked to a client's TM Servers. It takes ages to confirm a segment, open the next one and search the TM... I know it's not the server that's the problem (since other users don't have this problem), and my Internet speed test is correct. I read about the disabling the Match Repair option but I haven't found this feature on Studio 2015. What could I do?

I would be very grateful for any help!


  • Hello ,

    There are number of reasons why the connection might be so slow.

    One of the most common causes for slow interactions with a client's server based resources are your AntiVirus settings. Please ensure that you have added Studio/MultiTerm to your AV white list. 

    We can exclude Match Repair as a reason as this was not available until the 2017 release.

    Depending on what version of GroupShare/WorldServer your client is using- your Studio 2015 version might simply not be compatible and you need to upgrade so it would be good to get more information on what exactly your client is using.