Displaying Document Structure Information with Embedded Content Processors

I've been wondering for a while how to display the context of a text when using an Embedded Content Processor.

One way that works fine with XML files is to split them up, so that the files reflect the structure of the document. E.g. a CMS file with fields (XML nodes) for Main Content, Meta Description and Navigation Title would be split into three files and I have Studio merge them.

Then the orange bars that usually just clutter up the Editor view (thank you for providing the option to not display them in 2019 SR2) are useful as they contain the document structure information:

Drawback is that it requires splitting the files, and Studio gets unbelievably slow with large numbers of merged files - at least on my computer.

Maybe SDL could build this into the ECPs, that the virtual files they generate have meaningful names and information is displayed in this fashion?

My idea concerning this is already a bit older: https://community.sdl.com/ideas/translation-productivity-ideas/i/trados-studio-ideas/enable-more-document-structure-information-when-using-the-embedded-content-processor

For what it's worth