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I've got a project with 15 languages and I only want to create packages for 13 of them. Is there a way to do so (apart from doing it for each languages separately)?

I would just create the packages for all languages but Trados would not let me because I've already generated target files for the other two languages  and this leads to an error message (BTW, does anyone know why am I not allowed to do so anyway - or at least get a chance to display/deselect the corr. files ...?)

And also, is there a way to display / select all the files in a project (XLIFFS of all languages) so I can, for example, filter/sort for the files of specific languages (more than one apparantly) or sort all the files according to their status?

Thanks for your help!! :-)


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  • Hello ,

    Yo can select which ever languages you want for the projects- here a quick example-

    Under language pairs- select your languages

    then the preferred batch tasks...

    Now start the package creation

    Disable/enable the languages you need

    Now select Create a package for every project language

    and assign as appropriate.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, .

    Unfortunatly, I don't completely understand your procedure. The first two steps are general, aren't they? Or are you saying that I can start batch jobs for selected languages from the project settings?

    I already have created the project and have all the languages ready. What happens is that when I try to create the packages from the "projects" view (in order to create packages for all languages at once, as in your screen 4), I get an error message:

    I thought that was because I already have created target files for 2 of the languages... So I wondered why I don't at least get the creation window with the remaining languages or to select the languages I want to create packages for. And then I wondered whether there is another way to create the package for multiple selected languages....

    I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain otherwise...


  • Hello ,

    Yes the first two steps are general. Im just going through the whole process as these threads are read by a lot of users.

    As you can see in this example- the file is still active and has not been finalized-

    and now the same file that has been finalized-

    So now you you need to reveret the file back to SDLXLIFF to proceed...

    If you are unsure which files have been finalised, you can find out by running a batch analysis on the whole project-

    As you cann see the German file is missing now-

    Now cancel and go back to the file(s) that were missing and Revert back to SDLXLIFF-

    You should no be able to carry on wuth the package creation.

  • Ah, thank you , now it's clear.

    So there is no way to create project packages for multiple selected languages in my case, right? it's all or nothing so to speak if I don't revert back to XLIFF (even if I don't need to send these files out..)

    Is that correct?

  • Hello ,

    If the file is finalized you will not be able to create packages that is correct.

    Maybe you should recreate the project- excluding the finalized projects- then you can cretare the packages for the lang pairs you need.

  • I'm wondering if my STraSAK wouldn't help here...

    It seems to me that the limitation actually happens just at the Studio GUI level, i.e. that there is no technical reason why what you want should not be possible.

    I suppose that the Export-Package command would work just fine.

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